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The Different Venture: Kulfiano

Saluja Hotels has always considered serving the best and at its best. Once again the group collabrates with Kulfiano - a Kulfi Franchise from Delhi.

Kulfiano - Flirt with Flavours offers Kiwi, Kesar Pista, Malai, Paan, Anjeer, Gulabbo (Rose), Mango, Rajasthani Matka, Cheeku, Chocolate and many more. USP: Pure Natural Fruit and NO preservatives!

  • With 14 flavours (Tilla 'Stick' Kulfi) to choose from, Kulfiano is launching its' Siliguri outlet today @ Saluja Residency (AMBER), Hill Cart Road.
  • Siliguri has something new and tastier and healthier.
  • Sugar-Free Kesar Pista Kulfi has been added keeping the diabetic demography in mind. 

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